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Irma Hampton, CRPC®, ADPA®

Irma Hampton, CRPC®, ADPA®

Acting in a Fiduciary capacity for my advisory clients, with over 30 years’ experience as a financial professional, what if I aim to show you a strategy to grow and protect your money like the wealthy? The best news is that it is available to you! My goal is to educate you about the benefits of this financial vehicle, one of which is to build a plan with tax-free money seeking protection from stock market risk.

This strategy addresses the major problem the Top 25% all share: TAXES

The tax-free income stream can be used for such things as:

✔ Retirement income seeking to eliminate your worry about running out of money
✔ College tuition, vacations, and luxuries that allow you to keep or increase a lifestyle
✔ Retaining key employees and attracting new talent to your firm
✔ In lieu of disability insurance aiming for you to feel secure for life’s uncertainty
✔ Potential for upside tax-deferred growth and tax-free wealth transfers

The wealthy understand that it is much more important to never lose money rather than experience the largest gain. What if you could partake in:

❌ The ability aiming to never experience the downside losses of the stock market
❌Paying $0 in taxes
❌ Leveraging major purchases such as cars with a positive arbitrage
❌ Paying for business expenses that you need in order to grow your company

Within just a few months of implementing this strategy you may be able to:

🎯 See how you are taking control of the financial future
🎯See how top protect, build, and distribute wealth in the most efficient way
🎯 Become your own bank aiming that you don’t have to pay taxes
🎯 Afford things such as cars, houses, and paying for college

How can I come alongside you and educate you on the value of this proven strategy?

You dislike that you are paying too much money in taxes to the IRS.

Yet you spend the bulk of your time working hard to support your family/yourself and not nearly enough time learning how to eliminate taxes that seeks to allow you to protect, build and distribute your wealth in the most efficient way.

That’s where I come into play.

I invite you to message me on LinkedIn or schedule a quick 15-minute introductory call so we can chat about your specific needs.

CRPC conferred by College for Financial Planning.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.